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Improve your business's profitability: We connect commercial and operational data with a financial perspective which drives better growth.

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by Phi

Granular and accurate expense allocation from our Cost-To-Serve calculation engine, enabling you to make decisions with confidence and accelerate your business.

Cost-To-Serve as core of the Model

Gain insights and comprehend the profitability of each Customer, Product, and Route To Market mosaic through an in-depth Activity-Based Costing (ABC) exercise.

Data Driven
Business Management

It has the potential to connect with multiple internal and external data sources, enabling full exploitation of their ability to generate value.

Phi as platform transforms your data into solutions opportunities growth

Phi is a platform for managing and maximizing business profitability across diverse industries.It harnesses a robust Cost-To-Serve calculation engine, rooted in ABC methodology, empowering autonomous, rapid, and secure processing of vast arrays of financial, commercial, operational, and market data. This transformative tool brings forth a comprehensive Customer and Product-centric view within the company's P&L landscape.

It presents the results in BI dashboards to facilitate Growth Opportunity findings as well as Decision-Making Processes by the teams.​

From data... business decisions driven by financial knowledge.

Why Cost-To-Serve as the base model?

The value of a robust Cost-To-Serve model lies in its capacity to accurately represent the unique realities of each business. This is what sets Phiapart from other software: its ability to assess profitability by comprehensively considering 3 key dimensions::

  • Result of the current Contact Strategy by Segment.​
  • Commercial Performance.​
  • Performance of the Route-To-Market (RTM) Mosaics.​
  • Cost of visit per segment and RTM Mosaic.​
  • Drops required by contact..
  • Results by Channel and Customer Segments.​
  • Results by Territory and Sales Regions.​
  • Pricing Strategies, Promotions and Discounts by Segment.​
  • Trade Terms.​
  • Customer Development Potential..
  • Results by Categories, Brands and Products.​
  • Mix Management by Customer Segment.​
  • Products and Contact Strategies.

As a result of this evaluation, Phi provides a granular understanding and insight into the profitability of each Customer, Product and Market Contact Scheme

Pillars of the tool to generate value​

Simply having visibility and control over a business's profitability is insufficient for producing results. It's essential that a Profitability Management Culture permeates the objectives and daily work of teams to ensure tangible outcomes.

Phi streamlines decision-making processes, aids in strategies development, and support operational teams in daily basis management of initiatives resulting from made decisions.

Activity Based Costing (ABC)​

  • Basis for a correct Cost-To-Serve modeling, getting out of the visibility traps typical of traditional costing models.​
  • It allows to represent the reality of each company and business.​
  • No limit to the information used by the model and the volume and type of allocations criteria to be applied.

BI: Descriptive and Predictive Analytics (AI) oriented to Profit-To-Serve ​

  • Understanding the past and the evolution of the business.​
  • Identifying business opportunity areas and the amount of their potential impact.
  • Facilitating the call to action by understanding the best approach to seize each opportunity.

Simulation of decision Scenarios and Initiatives Control Tower

  • Simulation of decision impacts in multiple cases of information usage.​
  • Tracking of initiatives to manage action plans and guarantee results.​
  • Guidance of everyday operations of the teams.

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